Why CFOs and CEOs encourage staff to use Mobile Technology!

NOV 2021

A client of Dynamics Mobile has shared with us his first experience with mobile app for business purposes. This happened about 7 years ago, when their CEO told to the team that they need a change. Back then, our client told that it was super hard to understand how their daily tasks will change by using this app. The team began to explore this new technology and realized that they are saving time and are increasing their sales. Yes, you know what that means, bonuses. Every sales team needs this kind of transformation.

When the mobile technology has become a staple in the workplace, the CEO of this company has already performed the best action for them by connecting the Van Sales app to their ERP system. Of course, both CEO and CFO were aware, that the Van Sales app was Cost-saving (labor, hardware, etc.), but the majority of the FMCG community didn’t have an idea how to invest their annual budget for new technologies.

That is why our client started suggesting back then and now for lots of organizations in the sector, just to ask for a demo of the Sales app. “But why not” he told us, the benefits are a lot, the employees are motivated, the management appreciates the results and customers are satisfied. If you are considering to implement Van Sales into your organization, we highly recommend you to visit: www.dynamicsmobile.com and request a demo or just simply download from the

AppStore/GooglePlay our application.

Van Sales Solution highlights:

  • Real offline mode

  • Ready to use modules

  • Unlimited customization

  • Support for ERP Synchronization

  • Multilanguage support

  • Support for Android and iPhone

  • Automatic data synchronization

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