Release: Alerts (ALRT) v1.0.92

The Alert app received a big update allowing the organizations to expand the way they communicate with customers, partners and employees

We enhanced our platform with a feature called EventBus, which allows the Dynamics Mobile apps to subscribe and listen for "platform events" and react on then. This feature allows the Dynamics Mobile developers to create more sophisticated experiences by integrated with anything on the platform - sending email when a new user is created, sending Viber message when a delivery is scheduled, sending WhatsApp message when an error occurs.

The Alerts app now allows the administrators to subscribe for these events just right there from the Dynamics Mobile Portal and attach notifications for these events.

The following new event types are supported by the Alert app now:

  • Mobile Device Push This event occurs when the mobile users performs any activity from the mobile apps

  • ERP Pull This event occurs when the ERP sends data to the mobile devices

  • Application Install Occurs when a new app is installed

  • Application Uninstall Notifies about a new app installation

  • User created Signals for a newly created user

  • User updated Notifies about existing user update

  • User deleted Called whenever a user is deleted

  • File created Notifies about a new file

  • File deleted Notifies about a file being deleted

  • Entity created Signals when a new data entity has been created

  • Entity updated Notifies about existing entity update

  • Entity deleted Called on entity deletion

  • Marketplace app published Informs about new app being published/updated on the marketplace

  • Role created Called when a new role is created

  • Role updated Notifies about a role update

  • Role deleted Signals about role deletion

  • Webhook Signals about event webhook call

  • User password expiration Signals about a user password expiration

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