Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales demo video: New Delivery

This is pt.4 of a sequence of screen recording videos that will introduce you to the main Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales functionality

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New Delivery feature. We start by selecting the New Delivery task and we are presented with the list of order that this customer has. We select the order and we are presented with the Delivery lines.

On the top the total amount will be displayed and below we will see the items we need to deliver. As they have been pre-scanned, there will an exclamation mark stating that we need to input additional information. By selecting the item, we can see more information on the product and we need to choose from with batch ID and license plate we will take the goods. There is also an option to barcode scan the item and this information will be auto filled.

Once we are ready we click on the arrow on the top right and we are presented with the option to add supplementary items. A little suitcase icon will appear in the bottom right corner. We add the supplementary products available to our customer and the system calculates the total amount and discounts will be applied automatically.

We can proceed to the next window to confirm the order. The system calculates the total amount and the VAT. We can see the customer’s credit limit. We can choose the payment methods (cash, bank, cheque) and to select a payment method (example: 50% on order and 50% on delivery). We can attach a snapshot or a signature from the bottom right and we can proceed with issuing the invoice. The next window is the Payment collection. We can see the customer credit limit and the amount that is payable for this sale. We confirm the payment method and we input the amount (depending on the payment method other fields will be required). We can now issue the invoice and the delivery note at the same time and print them via a Bluetooth printer.

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