Release: June 2023 Platform update

Dynamics Mobile platform has been updated with many new features and improvements.

  • Feature: Support for PWA apps Traditionally , the Dynamics Mobile platform was focused over development, deployment and hosting of native mobile and web apps. We are happy to announce that we now have support for PWA ( progressive web apps). Developers can now easily develop PWA apps by using the same development stack ( NodeJs and Dynamics Mobile SDK). Even more, actually every mobile app developed with the Dynamics Mobile SDK can be published easily as PWA without a change.

  • Feature: Monitoring of  ERP Jobs and notification Dynamics Mobile extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Operations can monitor the health of Jobs inside the ERP and utilize the Dynamics Mobile Alerts (ALRT) app to notify interested parties via email, sms, WhatsApp and others.

  • Feature: Automatic backup of PROD tenants All production tenants are now automatically backed up daily as part of our improved disaster recovery strategy.

  • Feature: Deployment Locking of PROD tenants The administrators can now Lock tenants via the ADM or Dev Ops apps to prevent unintended app update or installation.

  • Feature: Support for password age and expiration( display ) The administrators can now observe the users password age from the ADM app. They can also configure notifications on password expiration via the Alerts (ALRT) app.

  • Feature: Licenses/Subscription The administrators can now run Subscription report to analyze the actual subscription usage via the ADM app.

  • Feature: Packet Filtering The feature allows Dynamics Mobile Portal to filter out the mobile packets sent toward the backend ERP. The feature decreased the pressure over the ERP in more loaded environments.

  • Feature: Monitoring of  Sync Log/Errors and notification The administrators can now configure Dynamics Mobile Portal to monitor and notify interested parties when error is detected in the ERP Sync Log.

  • Feature: LiveLink Merge  The Dynamics Mobile apps are can receive and consume local/offline data obtained from the ERP. We are introducing a new more scalable approach for automatic and configurable data extraction from ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain and Operations.

  • Feature: Support for backendservice in mobile apps The mobile apps developed with Dynamics Mobile SDK can now run services/jobs on the cloud, which ease the development of mobile apps integrated with cloud-based load-intensive data processing.

  • Feature: Access Policy Wizard for Roles The access to apps and features (a.k.a. Tasks) are controlled via Access Policy documents created for each User Role. We are now introducing a new wizard-style user interface allowing the administrator to allow/deny the access to apps and features by just clicking from the ADM app.

  • Feature: Ability to create a copy of a role The ADM app allows the administrators to create a copy of a role with single click.

  • Feature: Ability to support separate password policies per tenant

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