Tips: Turn by turn navigation to next customer in Van-Sales app

How to activate turn-by-turn navigation to the next customer in Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales application


Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales application provides rich functionality to empower the daily activities of the sales workforce in the field. These include the visiting of vast number of business venues based on pre-planned route.

The pre-planned route is usually created by the supervisors in the office and seen from the salesperson on their mobile screens as a list of outlets to be visited during the day.

Vital part of the mobile user experience in this case is his ability to see the exact address of the outlet to ease the user to find his way to the destination.

Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales app allows the salesperson to see the location of the outlet on a map and activate turn-by-turn navigation on his mobile device.

The feature requires enabled Location Services (GPS) on the mobile device

They are 2 ways for the user to activate the turn by turn navigation:

Approach 1: Using the Route Map feature

The mobile user can use the Route Map feature from his app to see the pending customers displayed on the map and observe the distance and time to the next destination.

  • Make sure the daily route/shift has started

  • Click the MAP icon at the right-bottom side of the screen

  • Use the button at the bottom-left part of the screen to switch between the different customers

  • Click the button on the top-right to open the currently selected customer in Google Maps app

  • Wait for google Maps app to load and click the Start button to activate the turn-by-turn navigation

Approach 2: Using the Customer Details feature

The turn-by-turn navigation to specific customer can also be started from the customer details screen.

  • Open the customer that you want to navigate to, from the route list

  • Click the Route Map link next to the Address or Geo fields to open Google Maps

  • Wait for google Maps app to load and click the Start button to activate the turn-by-turn navigation

The Geo field will only appear if there are coordinates for the customer, entered in the EPR.

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