Release: Dynamics Mobile Fleet (MOBFL) v1.2.5


The team spent many hours in adding new functionalities and improvements to the Dynamics Mobile Fleet app.

What's new

  • Vehicles register MOBFL app allows the organizations to maintain a list of vehicles with many details like vehicle number, mileage, addresses , driver contacts and others
  • Drivers register The organizations can maintain a list of drivers with details like names, contact information, license information and others.
  • Vehicle Incident register The fleet managers can register vehicle incidents like minor and major issues and track their progress and status
  • Vehicle and Driver Periodic The fleet manager can register various interval based entities like licenses, periodic maintenance checks , insurance periods and others. This combined with the Dynamics Mobile Alerts app allows the organization to notify and react on expiring licenses, insurances and approaching vehicle maintenance checks.
  • Campaigns The Campaigns functionality allows the supervisors to define a list of tasks to be performed for a group of customers during a time period and track the execution progress as the mobile agents receive and complete the tasks via the Dynamics Mobile Field Sales (SLA) app
  • One-Time Visit planning The supervisors can now add list of individual tasks to be completed for each one-time visit and track the progress of each task.
  • Targets The supervisors can define daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual targets for the mobile agents and track the progress