Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales demo video: App Overview

This is pt.1 of a sequence of screen recording videos that will introduce you to the main Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales functionality

This article is about Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales - a standalone app for wholesale, distribution and delivery business.



To access the application, you need to login with your personal account credentials. They will determine the type of access you have to different features and the role you play in the organization. Once you are logged in successfully the first thing you will be presented with is the “Home screen” with information regarding your route for the day. From this section you have the option to begin your route or to access the available reports (EOD, Products Catalogue, Inventory levels).

From the bottom ribbon you have other options as to manage your “Inventory” (Load/Unload vehicle) and “System information”. When you press the “Start Route” button from the “Home Screen”, the application will perform synchronization with the back-end module to collect the latest information on inventory, prices, discounts and customers. For this part of the process the mobile app requires internet connectivity.

Once the “Route” has been loaded, you will be presented with list of customers that you have to visit and the order of the visits that is determined from the supervisor. In the top section of the screen there is a “Filter” button, which allows you to see switch the view to: Pending/Skipped/ Visited customers. From the bottom right part of the screen you can access the map function. On the map, the best possible route between visits will be present. You can cycle between the different stops and the application will display the travel distance and time between customers.

From the bottom ribbon you can access the customers that are “in route” and you have the option to perform visits outside of the schedule by the button “All Customers”. Once selected the list with all available clients will be presented with a search engine on the top.

Before you start a visit, when you select a customer from the list, you will be seeing the quick task’s menu (Reschedule/Skip/Customer History/Set GPS Location). From the bottom ribbon you can check if the client is part of Campaigns, you can check Client Details, Financial information like Credit Limit/Balance and Quick Notes.

In order to start the “Visit” (the system will capture the time an GPS coordinates) you need to press the Green Play Icon on the bottom right of the screen. You will be presented with the Visit Confirmation screen where you can monitor your physical location in regards to the customers location and you can check if you have a Maximum/Minimum Visit Duration time setting. Real time distance from the customers location will be present and enforced if we have the Geo Fencing feature activated (if the mobile user is not within 50 m of the client loc. the system will not allow him to begin the visit). By selecting the Green Play Icon, we can begin the Visit.

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