Release: Dev Ops (DEVOPS) v0.0.131

We released a brand new application to empower consultants, partners and integrators and make their devops activates easier .

The Dev Ops app is a Dynamics Mobile backend application. It can be installed from Dynamics Mobile Marketplace and allows the users to create a diagram of the Dynamics Mobile tenants and define rules for application , role and settings deployments.

Once the tenant diagram and rules are defined , the users can the initiate quick deployments across the tenants with single click and predictable result

The DevOps app provides the following features:

  • Ability to describe tenants and deployment rules via diagrams

  • Ability to deploy backend and mobile apps from one tenant to another tenant

  • Ability to quicky observe apps, roles and settings versions across tenants from a single screen

  • Ability to initiate app , roles and settings deployment with a single click

  • Ability to repeat previous deploy or rollback a deploy

  • Ability to backup apps, roles ,settings across tenants and connected ERP environments

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