Beta Version: Dynamics Mobile App for Android v.3.16.0g

New features and minor fixes


We released version 3.16.0g BETA of the native Dynamics Mobile App for Android in Google Play. It must be available across the markets for testing soon.


The changes include a number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Feature: Support for automatic cloud image uploads Feature: Support for additional printers as application add-ons

  • Fix: App hangs in some cases, when Location Services are deactivated or GPS signal lost

  • Fix: Barcode scanning does not return from camera view in some cases

  • Fix: App's data storage grows uncontrolled in some cases

  • Fix: Performance improvements

How this affects me

This version update includes minor fixes and new features, which will not affect most of the users. All mobile devices on Android with Google Play account and enabled automatic updates will receive the version automatically, when the new version is released.

When this will affect me

We are planning to transition v.3.0.16g to production starting from 1.March.2020

How to prepare for the change

We do not expect that the new version will impact the current users unless they are experiencing the issues fixed in this version or dependent on the new features introduced . It is strongly recommended for the organizations to conduct a quick go-through test with the beta version, before the app is released to production.You can read about how to sign up for beta testing here

Please ask your support partner or send your inquiries to Dynamics Mobile Team if you need more info. You can also check the How to SignUp for Beta version instruction

NOTE: Do not use the beta version for production purposes. The beta version is only intended to be used for testing scenarios.

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