Benefits of Geolocation Capabilities for your Van Sales Business

The mobile devices these days have a powerful geolocation capabilities, which can bring a lot to the table when dealing with field sales operations like van sales, direct store delivery small/home office deliveries and similar.
However, utilizing those device capabilities requires the organization to use the right software solution. Software solutions utilizing the geolocation capabilities of the modern mobile devices can can rapidly increase the effectiveness of the field teams on the ground by enabling practices like sales route planning and optimization, real-time tracking and monitoring and reporting and analysis of the field activates.
The Sales Route planning and optimization practice suggests that the organization shall plan their daily routes in advance in terms of visited customers. This shall include not only the list of the customer to be visited for certain date, bit also planning the actual visiting order to optimize the route completion duration.
Tracking and monitoring of the fleet on the ground in real time allows the organization to make a difference between what was planned and what was actually happening on the ground. These information can be then analyzed and converted into decision-supporting insights. Such practices transforms the organization from a reactive to "modern insight dirven". This is where the difference between reactive and proactive can be measured in terms of revenue and costs.
Dynamics Mobile's Field Sales solution provides a vast number of geolocation powered features , this utilizing the geolocation capabilities of the modern mobile devices.
This includes route planning and automatic optimization, real-time tracking , monitoring, and route data collection and powerful reporting and monitoring. which brings deep insights about the actual situation on the ground. The companies can easily discover if they average visiting increases after certain events or get KPIs about the visit effectiveness of the entire team, individual salespersons or even customers.
Using the right solution, which enables the utilization of the modern geolocation device capabilities is a game changer for organizations who manage field sales teams.