New Feature: Smart Assistant

Brainstorming campaigns and surveys for your industry
Dynamics Mobile provides integrated software solutions automating and empowering the organization's logistics, sales and delivery operations.
We are happy to announce a new feature called Smart Assistant.
It assists users in brainstorming ideas for campaigns and surveys.
It is often hard to identify the tasks to be completed if we want to plan a new campaign to promote our products in the retail outlets.
It also hard to identify the right questions to ask in a survey aiming to analyze the performance of the product.
Doesn't matter if the product is a dairy, soft drink, beer or meet. Asking the right questions and planning the right tasks is always challenging, but crucial for the business growth.
The Dynamics Mobile Smart Assistant feature assists the users in brainstorming ideas for surveys and campaigns and it is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The organizations can now generate many ideas and use them as a foundation to built effective surveys and campaigns on top of them for no time. The Smart Assistant reduces the time to design new campaigns and surveys and provides content based on well known working approaches for any industry.
How it works
Just describe the problem and the Smart assistant will return back ideas. Seek assistance for problems like:
  • understanding the sales performance of a dairy product in retail stores
  • merchandising analysis including product facing, in-stock quantities and competitor prices
  • analyzing the usage preferences for beer product
Be specific and be creative. Use it for any problem in any industry. Ask the assistant to brainstorm ideas for:
  • vehicles checkup when leaving the warehouse including odometer reading, oil level , tire related checks
  • outlet compliance, including store hygiene, personnel unforms, personal customer service level,
The sky is the limit.....
Once the problem is described, the Smart Assistant will return ideas.
Review them and import them as question for your new survey.
Contact us via [email protected] and ask for a demo