Release: Dynamics Mobile App for Android v.3.16.0

Minor fixes and new features


We just released version 3.16.0 of the native Dynamics Mobile App for Android in Google Play. It must be available across the markets soon.


The changes include a number of bug fixes and improvements:

Feature: Support for automatic cloud image uploads

The mobile developers may now take advantage of the new API for storing and uploading of images from the mobile device in offline mode. This allows for development of functionalities to capture images from the device camera or device gallery and make them automatically accessible from the cloud from other mobile devices, web browsers and more. The mobile will automatically store the image locally on the device and upload the image later when the device is connected.

Feature: Support for additional printers as application add-ons

The following printers are now supported via Android Dynamics Features. The user can go to the Dynamics Mobile Settings and activate the support for one of the following printers:

  • DataMax O'Neal

  • Zebra Printers ( image printing support )

  • Datecs DPP255

  • Datecs Fiscal Printer FMP10 ( BG N18 )

  • Tremol Fiscal Printer

  • TSC Alpha Printer

Fix: App hangs in some cases, when Location Services are deactivated or GPS signal lost

There was a bug, which causes Dynamics Mobile to hang when it requests the current mobile device gps location. There are might be different reasons for this, but the root cause was that Android Location API returns error message. This release contains a fix for this issue and will display a proper error message.

Fix: Barcode scanning does not return from camera view in some cases

In some cases, the app will remain on the Barcode scan view (camera) and will not return to Dynamics Mobile app ever unless the app is killed. This release contains a fix to resolve this issue.

Fix: App's data storage grows uncontrolled in some cases

In certain cases the storage space on the mobile device, may start to grow. The reason behind it is that the app generates details logs for each operation. This issue is fixed in the current release. However, the app must be uninstalled and installed again on devices where the app has already reserved too many storage space.

Fix: Performance improvements

We introduced several internal optimizations (new command execution engine), which improves the overall performance of the application.

Fix: Internal migration to Firebase push notifications

We migrated our internal code for push notifications from GCI to Firebase

How this affects me

This version update includes minor fixes and new features, which will not affect most of the users. All mobile devices on Android with Google Play account and enabled automatic updates will receive the version automatically, when the new version is released.

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