June 13, 2023 Dynamics Mobile Portal not accessible [RESOLVED]

resolved, 2023-June-13, between 6:08 PM UTC - 7:40 PM UTC

We started to experience increased error rate on 13 June 2023 around 6:09 PM UTC, which caused partial outage of Dynamics Mobile Portal due to elevated errors in our hosting provider. Dynamics Mobile Portal was not accessible for more than 1 hour. The mobile packet sending to Dynamics Mobile Portal and the connected ERPs was stopped too. The off-line operations on the mobile devices were not affected during this time - e.g. the mobile users were able to execute offline operations from the mobile applications and store the generated data (mobile packets) locally on the device. The data generated during this period was fully recovered automatically after the portal access has been resumed. The normal operations were restored around 7:40 PM UTC

RESOLVED 7:40 PM UTC Dynamics Mobile Portal is back online. The mobile devices are starting to send data in. We are still monitoring to confirm that everything is back to normal. 6:26 PM UTC The root cause is identified and a work is in progress to solve the issue 6:08 PM UTC Dynamics Mobile Portal can not be accessed Dynamics Mobile app can not send mobile packets to Dynamics Mobile Portal and the ERP systems. We expect that the pending mobile packets will be sent from the mobile devices once the issue is resolved.

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