Dynamics Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Dynamics Mobile platform provides standard integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The integration allows the apps developed on top of Dynamics Mobile platform to consume and send data from/to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in a secured and performant way.

Here come the list of the lates enhancements of our extension for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

  • Feature: Support for Business Central 2022 Wave 1

  • Feature: Copy Settings

  • Feature: Document Trace Status

  • Feature: Support for Default bin

  • Feature: Blocked customer payment allowed

  • Feature: Support for Whse. Phys. Inv. Journal default quantities

  • Feature: Health monitoring support added

  • Feature: History document menu tem added

  • Feature: Load operation retry support added

  • Feature: Sales Credit Memos support added

  • Feature: Warehouse operation hints added

  • Feature: Direct Transfers support added

  • Feature: Environment duplication check

  • Feature: Improved logging added

  • Feature: Device filtering by type in documents

  • Feature: Customers support in navigation

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