Release: Field Sales (SLA) v2.118.102

The Dynamics Mobile Field Sales application is packed with tons of features allowing the organizations to automate use cases like:

  • Presales/Order booking

  • Van Sales

  • Delivery/HOD

  • Merchandising

  • Field Services

  • Asset management

The latest release includes the following additions:

  • Feature: Customer history across all devices

  • Feature: Quick Delivery

  • Feature: Stock Count improvements

  • Feature: Print Designer (Dev Hub) Support

  • Feature: Advanced end of the day ( Balancing )

  • Feature: Printing via IPP ( Internet Printing Protocol )

  • Feature: Entire EOD (all sections) printed with single button click

  • Feature: EOD history  (including Load/Unload history )

  • Feature: Improved Theme management

  • Feature: Support for UOM change in Unload

  • Feature: Support for multiple warehouses during load

  • Feature: PIN support for returns

  • PIN required on Visit Stop if customer's payment terms is "COD"(setting) and balance>0

  • Feature: VAT Exempt support

  • Feature: Add Line/Product navigation change/improvement

  • Feature: Usability improvements on Add Line ( Qty focused, small screen improvements)

  • Feature: Product Variant support for Business Central and Supply Chain and Operations

  • Fix: Customer Location Update sent as one push packet

  • Fix: Eye icon/button honors the line's unit of measure

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