Release: Mobile Fleet (MOBFL) v1.2.220

Mobile Fleet app got many new features and improvements.

  • Feature: Delivery planning The supervisors can now focus on planning Deliveries either manually or automatically via ERP integration and benefitting of automatic visit planning and route optimization generated by the system.

  • Feature: Smart Assistant v.2 This is an early preview feature allowing the users to ask a chat-style AI powered bot to create search queries or generate survey questionaries for them.

  • Feature: Sync Packet reprocess of multiple entries Supervisors can now select multiple packets and re-process them with a single click

  • Feature: Sync Packet edit and send to ERP Supervisors can modify the content of a sync packet and re-send it to the ERP.

  • Feature: Sync Packet content preview via Mobile Events Supervisors can now see the data content which generated the mobile event

  • Feature: IOT Devices/vehicles Ability to register Vehicles and Telematic hardware to track and obtain telematic information in real-time

  • Feature: Support for route based export and instant route driver change We now support data export from the backend ERP based on ROUTE instead of just salespersons/usernames. This is allows for last-minute vehicle/driver replacement without a need to re-export data from the ERP

  • Feature: Support for territory, division, driver, vehicle in the Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • Feature: Denomination bills Ability to define denomination bills used during the balancing process in the Field Sales (SLA) app

  • Feature:  Up to 50 PINs per day/user The mobile app and portal supports now up to 50 unique PINs per user per day

  • Feature: Grid layout/columns user configuration Users can easily personalize the grids layouts

  • Feature: Recurring schedule import via excel The supervisors can export and import one-time and recurring visits via Excel or CSV files

  • Feature: Warehouse events Allows the supervisors and managers to observe the warehouse workers activities in real-time

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