Dynamics Mobile Lab June 2023 Updates

Early previews

The Dynamics Mobile Lab is an initiative backed by our CEO to incubate and play with new ideas and technologies as part of our quest to empower our customers.

The Dynamics Mobile Lab is a safe place to generate, test and develop projects based on new ideas and try out the results early, using controllable and predictable approach.

Here come a brief list of the updates from Dynamics Mobile Lab

  • Dynamics Mobile Smart Assistant The Chat-style A.I. powered bots are now gaining momentum. We released early preview of our Smart Assistant chat-style bot as part of the Mobile Fleet (MOBFL) app. The users can ask the assistant to make search queries for them or generate surveys for specific business cases

  • Windows 11 Support Dynamics Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. Last month we released a closed beta for Windows , which once released to public will allow the organizations to use the same apps on every Windows 11 laptop or tablet.

  • Quick Delivery We just released early preview of our quick delivery feature, which allows the organizations to plan , execute and analyze delivery operations in a lean way without a need to track and deal with inventory. Dynamics Mobile apps provides a sohpisticated delivery management functionality which spans across the mobile apps and backend ERPs covering the whole process from the ordering, order preparation , delivery inventory loading and delivery planning and inventory tracking. The Quick Delivery feature is designed to allow slicker delivery processes when the inventory management is not needed, which makes it ideal for different business use cases.

  • Fleet Companion Progressive Web App, which can be used form any device , allowing fleet managers to deal with their fleet from any place. The app allows the managers or drivers to:

    • manage their vehicle details

    • track the vehicles location, speed, driving style , fuel level and others in real-time right from the app

    • register incidents, expenses, fuel loading, etc.

    • analyze the fleet utilization vs costs

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